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design consulting


every strong design solution starts with a strong concept . . .

. . . and finding the right concept for your organization is my


"form follows function"


Yes, but function follows identity. Consequently, finding the right design concept is not--as the adage suggests--a binary choice. Effective design consultation should help organizations avoid making a purely aesthetic OR a bluntly practical mistake.


Getting to the right form starts with understanding who you truly are, not just what you desire to seem. Stories, convictions, habits. Values. Under the right guidance, these abstractions evolve quickly into tangible choices in line, shape, color...

If you want to watch these principles revolutionize your own project...




-structured brainstorming

-organizational feedback

-spontaneous visual feedback

-aesthetic team building

-concept presentations

-rendering and modelling

-drafting and prints

-logistics and budgeting

-construction crews

-finishing artists

-load-in and installation

-unveiling events

He would sit with us, sketching ideas and explaining the why behind the what. He didn’t just give us a design--he gave us a new paradigm. He treated our space like it was a member of our team, like it was alive.

-Roddy Hannah
Cocalico Community Church



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