"A funny thing... Forum"

"A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum"--

Totem Pole Playhouse, 2016

In July 2016 we had the privilege of painting for one of our favorite scene designers, Jim Fouchard, whose work has graced the Totem Pole stage for over 30 years.  Jim’s design for FORUM provided an opportunity for us to exercise a lot of different techniques, including cartooning, blending, figure painting, lettering, glazing, washing…. It was both challenging and a lot of fun.  Special thanks to our very own Jess Ploszaj who acted as scenic charge for this project.  Directed by David Caldwell.  Artistic Director Rowan Joseph.

Boy with a Cart Floor

BOOM!Creative, llc, Fall 2016


Like much of Sir Christopher Fry’s work, “The Boy with a Cart” is both universally poetic and particularly English.  In order help create an atmosphere that evoked both we elected to paint the show floor like an ancient map..the kind that you might find inside the front cover of a fantasy by George MacDonald or J.R.R. Tolkien.  Since the places established by the script are—for the most part—still in existence, we were able to keep our poetic floor surprisingly accurate. Special thanks to our scenic artist, Jess.

Mary Poppins Murals

West Shore Christian Academy, 2016


In keeping with our design concept of “Mechanical Advantage,” we decided to create a moving backdrop for this production--inspired by the mechanically clever toys of the late 19th century.  It became known as “The Block Drop” and it required 7 dextrous stage hands to keep it in motion through every scene change.  It’s many faces were design by a team which included WSCA students, the Scene Designer (Tom) and our Scenic Charge, Jess Ploszaj (whose chalk-inspired drop quickly became the show favorite).

Transformation Station

Christ Community Church


Having recently renamed their Children's ministry "Transformation Station", Christ Community Church commissioned BOOM! to paint themed murals throughout the children's hallways.  A series of four murals explores themes appropriate to three divisions of the CCC childrens ministry (Shortline, Branchline, Streamline). Because these works are viewed by the same audience many times over the course of several years, each mural invites exploration and discovery (both visually and thematically) over time.

Prayer Center

Christ Community Church


Shortly after aqcuiring this property (formerly a bank) Christ Community approached me with a distinct vision for tranforming the lobby into a prayer sanctuary. Each wall was to be dedicated to one of the four creatures surrounding the throne of God in the Book of Revelation. After making some signicant architectural modifications to the room, we took our brushes and our prayers into to every inch of the space. The result is a unique atmosphere that evokes both tranquility and power in perfect fellowship. For the full effect, I recommend visiting in person . . .


The murals are primary the work of Leah Bowersox in partnership with Tom Ryan (to see more of Leah's work, visit the West Shore Evangelical Church children's wing).

Gold leaf applied with the assistance of Debbie Shaner.

Architectural modifications engineered and installed by Tom Ryan and Rick Hoffman.


Flyin' West

Westport Country Playhouse


When one of our former interns headed to NYC to pursue her dream of being a scene painter, she soon called upon us to help with a gig in Westport Connecticut.  The work speaks for itself...but what left us speechless was the chance to work with one of our favorite Broadway designers, Marjorie Bradley Kellogg!

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