"Boy with a Cart" Promo Video

This short promotional film was created by our media design team (Thanks, Connor and Mark!) as a part of our marketing strategy for our recent production of Sir Christopher Fry’s “The Boy with a Cart.”


This showreel by our videographer-in-residence, Connor Ryan, demonstrates the quality you can expect from a BOOM! film production.



"By George!"

Inspired by the legend of young George Washington, BOOM!’s videographer-in-residence, Connor, requested that the company support this private film venture in May of 2015.  The final product, a short film entitled By George, has become one of our all-time favorites.  It will be screened in Times Square in the fall of 2015.



iPhone Users vs. Android Users MOGA Challenge

This short was created as an entry for a MOGA video challenge in the fall of 2013. After recieving the topic iPhone users vs. Android users, we came up with the concept to pit an iPhone lover and an Android lover up against itself in a game of poker. The entire short was produced in one week on no budget. 


Click HERE for behind the scenes photos.

Juan and the Lazy River

BOOM! created this short video as a gift for a corporate client. Each of the hand drawn images was scanned into a computer, pre-matted in Adobe Photoshop, and then composited into a 3D world in Adobe After Effects.

Vaillance Hésitent

Vaillance Hésitent was one of BOOM!'s earlier ventures into video production. The short experiemental film explores swordplay and tension between two medieval combatants.