Opera Workshop

Messiah College Opera Production 2015

For the Messiah College Music Department’s opera showcase, BOOM! provided lush and sculpted atmosphere’s for a dozen or so pieces taken from operas as diverse as Sweeney Todd and Mozart’s Figarro.  Directed by Damian Savarino.




Alpha Psi Omega Prodiuction, Messiah College, 2014


This lighting for this event—a fusion of puppetry, fashion and dance—was dominated by LED color washes and transitional tape light woven into costumes and puppets.

6 Words

Dance Symposium for the Humanities, Messiah College 2015


"Let's talk about race in America" this event broached touchy racial subejects through the medium of dance--- Each piece was based off of a six word sentance in partnership with "The Race card project". Conceptually for lighting our six word sentance became "God is the color of Water".

Sanctuary Lighting

Christ Community Church


BOOM!Creative provides both theatrical and architectural lighting services for Christ Community Church on an ongoing basis.  This gallery shows a variety of different “looks” created in the sanctuary from 2012 to the present.

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Comprehensive design and production services. 

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