Environmental Design

Galavant: Casablanca

The Appell Center for the Performing Arts


This benefit event, hosted by The Appell Center for the Performing Arts in York, PA derived its inspiration from the romantically desperate atmospheres evoked by one of the greatest films of all time, Casablanca.  The design team, which included BOOM!creative, the JDK Group, and Production Express, festooned the historic Strand Theatre (as well as all its hallways and lobbies) with a unabashedly sentimental tribute to the film, which culminated in a luxurious ballroom on stage and a screening of the film over the marquee.


CCC Studio

Christ Community Church


To help celebrate it’s 50th anniversary, BOOM! designed and installed an environment to surround the Christ Community Church worship stage.  Although the set itself evokes an atmosphere of an urban recording loft, it was actually inspired by several passages in the book of Ephesians which emphasize the unity of God’s people--all of us taken out of our former lives and re-purposed (“fittly joined together”) to serve a greater and more beautiful purpose.  Please consider visiting Christ Community Church in Camp Hill, PA to see the set in person and to take in their outstanding worship band.


Urban style Loft

Cure international


When CURE International found themselves lacking for space, their information technology department offered to move into a warehouse space in the back of the building.  In order to accommodate this move, CURE added an HVAC system to the room and called in BOOM!Creative to give the space a little personality.  Upon discovering an old brick wall behind the drywall, we decided to create an urban loft, complete with vibrant fields of color to reflect the dynamic presence of CURE’s hospitals all around the world.  A couple of our favorite features: The orange HVAC cowling created from donated acoustic panels;  Custom made sheet metal units distressed by our creative team; Faux patina-ed warehouse doors which were created in the absence of the originals we had hoped to discover behind the drywall...

Youth Room

Christ Community Church


After designing a new lighting system for this youth room, we wanted something dimensional onstage to light.  So…with only a few days left before the room re-opened, we developed a quick and inexpensive way to create a fresh architectural environment on the upstage walls.  Using baffle insulation from a local box store we created vertical trapezoidal panels, then added paint and—of course—lighting. Hope you like the results.

Christmas Installation

Christ Community Church 2014


This installation encouraged viewers to connect the gift of the Christ child with the gift of the crucified Christ.  Both scenes were created entirely of wrapping paper, except for the background panels, which were painted to reflect scrap metal, a fitting image for both a humble manger scene as well as a city dump (Golgatha).

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